Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sharon's Visit

I was delighted to have my friend Sharon from Hamilton come and stay for a few days. Not only is she a good friend (so we had a lot of talking to do) but she is also a children's book author. On Friday she spent the day at Amesbury School. She spoke to all the students and took a group of 15 students for a writing session.  They were thrilled to work with her and afterwards made comments such as "I'm a better writer than I thought I was" and "I can write confidently now and not be afraid to put my ideas out there and know I can do it".

Here are some related links:
Sharon at Amesbury School
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Te Reo Singalong website - these books are just great for using Te Reo Maori with young children in a fun way.

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Dave said...

Hi Carolyn. I have read several references from your blog about Sharon. She is a very capable lady, and her blog sites are very interesting too. Thanks for featuring her. - Dave